The best waterproof bluetooth headphones for swimming

If you are like me, you need your tunes just about everywhere you go.  Your wireless device is packed with your jams, and it is by your side at all times.  Even at the gym, you need your favorite music mix to get you through your workout.  Because of this, you will need a good pair of headphones or earbuds.  You want them to have great sound, you want them to be durable, and depending on how you will be using them, you will probably want them to also be waterproof.  So, waterproof wireless earbuds are a good idea especially if you are using them at the gym, or if you are a runner.

If you are a swimmer, you might be interested in some waterproof bluetooth headphones for swimming.  Waterproof headphones was something that was not possible a few years ago, but now it is a reality.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant?

Depending on how you will be using them, you need to look at the rating for the headphones.  There are two main classifications that you want to look at in regards to waterproof vs water resistant.  These are IPX7 and IPX8.

Wireless waterproof earbuds


IPX7 is the water resistant classification.  This includes exposure to rain, splashing water, and accidental submersion.  You know, like dropping them in the toilet!  I used to work for a major cell phone carrier, and it was amazing to hear how common it was for people to accidentally drop their phone in the toilet.  Anyway, that is a story for another day…….

Back to the IPX7 classification:  This means that the headphones can me immersed in water up to 1 meter in depth for up to 30 minutes.  If you are looking the a good pair of wireless waterproof earbuds for working out or running, this type will suit you just fine.

Here are the top affordable wireless waterproof earbuds for gym use:

Joyful Heart Bluetooth Headphones


If you are looking for good quality at a good price, you should consider the Joyful Heart Bluetooth Headphones.  Let’s be honest here, all bluetooth devices are not created equally and if you want the best sound possible, you need to have it plugged in.  As far as Bluetooth is concerned, the sound quality is really good.  It has a nice treble and bass separation, which is really important to get that quality sonic goodness.  They have a secure fit with the flexible ear hooks.  Don’t you hate it when your ears get tired after wearing headphones or earbuds for a long period of time?  You will get up to eight hours of battery life.  It has voice prompt so that you get notified of incoming calls.  It can connect with two devices at the same time up to 33 feet away, and you get a 1-year manufacturer warranty….just in case.  They come in black/green and black/red.

 WINGMARG-U12 Bluetooth Earbuds

 WINGMARG-U12 Bluetooth Earbuds

Like the Joyful Heart headphones, the WINGMARG-U12 Bluetooth Earbuds also have a good separation of treble and bass.  It can connect to two smart devices at the same time with a 33 foot range.  Battery life:  8 hours of listening and 6 hours of phone communication.  It is a good looking earphone with a unique design.

iblast audio Bluetooth Earbuds

iblast audio Bluetooth Earbuds

The iblast Bluetooth Earbuds are compatible with most new bluetooth devices.  They have a built in noise cancelling microphone.  They also have an IOS battery display so you can easily tell when you need to recharge the battery.  The talk time is 6-8 hours, and you can get back to a full charge in less than two hours.


Swim headphones


IPX8 is considered to be waterproof.  The item can be immersed in water greater than one meter in depth.  The manufacturer, though, must specify the exact depth.  This is important because you will have a better idea on which brand to choose based on what you will be using it for.  These are not bluetooth.  If you are using these for swimming, there is no way to connect to another device.  These are mp3 players.

Here are the top headphones with the IPX8 classification:

SHULANTONGDA Waterproof Sports MP3 Headset


The SHULANTONGDA Waterproof Sports MP3 Headset is great for swimming or any other outdoor activity, such as climbing or surfing.  This is an mp3player and FM radio.  These come in either 4gb or 8gb.  The 8gb model can store thousands of mp3 files.  You get 6-8 hours of listening time on a full charge.  It comes in black, black/blue, white, red and blue.


CHUYI Headwear Hi-fi Stero Waterproof MP3 Player

CHUYI Headwear Hi-fi Stero Waterproof MP3 Player

The CHUYI Headwear Hi-fi Stero Waterproof MP3 Player is another good option for swimming, surfing, diving, and other activities where you may get wet.  It is also an FM radio.  It has a built in USB 2.0 connection, and it has a 4gb or an 8gb option.  The colors that are available are black, blue, and red. 

Waterproof Earphone, ELEGIANT IPX8 Fashion Headset

Waterproof Earphone, ELEGIANT IPX8 Fashion Headset

The Waterproof Earphone, ELEGIANT IPX8 Fashion Headset has 4gb of memory, with a USB 2.0 connection.  It has 12 hours of playback.  Good for swimming, climbing and other activities where you do not want wires getting the way.  This model comes in black, red, blue, white and azure blue.

So, here is the list of the waterproof wireless earbuds and swim headphones.  It really depends on how you will be using them.  If you want earbuds that can get wet, but not immersed in water for long periods of time, choose the IPX7 style.  You will need the IPX8 if you want to use the headphones in the pool or when you are out surfing.