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Best Cold Press Omega Juicer

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Omega Juicers, a leading brand in home juicing and pioneer in juicing technology for more than 35 years, announced its newest household juicing solution – Cold Press 365. Designed to make juicing easy and affordable enough that users will want to juice 365 days a year, Omega's all-new Cold Press 365 represents a true breakthrough in juicing technology. Thanks to an industry-leading mastication process, Cold Press 365 produces high quality juice from produce so that users can reap the greatest health benefits. Cold Press 365 is available now for $149 – half the cost of other premium juicers engineered with the same technology.

Best Cold Press Omega Juicer

By using gentle gears to slowly squeeze food and break down fibers with minimal exposure to air or heat, Cold Press 365 ensures juice recipes maintain all of their respective beneficial nutrients and are preserved longer. Based on the same technology as Omega's high-end juicers, Cold Press 365 simplifies users' juicing routines by trimming down prep and clean-up time, all at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the new Omega juicer boasts a light and compact design aesthetic allowing it to be stored on kitchen countertops for easy access. Notable Cold Press 365 features include:

  • Easier to Clean – Just a quick rinse – or place in the dishwasher – and snap back together in a few short minutes 
  • Juices Without Heat – Gently presses ingredients without heat to maintain enzymes and antioxidants for ultimate health benefits 
  • Juices Without Aeration – Low-speed operation minimizes contact with excess air for maximum nutrition 
  • Three Stage Auger – Higher juice yield for more juice in your glass 
  • Easier to Use – Assemble and juice in seconds 
  • Ultra Quiet – Less noise than high-speed juicers 
  • Compact Size – Takes up less space than most juicers 

"Knowing juicing is often perceived as an arduous and timely undertaking, we designed Cold Press 365 to be an efficient and effective juicing solution primed for everyday use," said Jay Zilinskas, President, Consumer Division at The Legacy Companies. "By offering a juicer with state-of-the-art technology for preserving nutrients and minerals, a compact design and affordable price tag, we believe Cold Press 365 will help more users achieve their desired health goals day-in and day-out."

Every purchase of Cold Press 365 also comes with a one-year warranty effective as of the date delivered. 

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