February 29

The PawPail Pet Waste Station

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People LOVE their dogs, but one thing they do not love is cleaning up after them. Our friends at PawPail have come up with a solution for your cleanup woes. 

It is called PawPail

Dog Waste Station

It is a beautiful, functional and environmentally responsible home pet waste station.

  • Manufactured with UV &weather resistant materials
  • Discreetly stores & dispenses their nifty controlled-life PawBags
  • Patent-pending DualVent technology minimizes odors
  • Activated Carbon AirFilter removes harmful chemicals

Dog Waste Station

Pet Waste Removal

They recently received the esteemed Good Design® award. Good Design is the oldest and most renowned global awards program for design excellence. PawPail was the sole winner in the coveted Pet Products category.

The PawPail pet waste station is a unique system that discreetly dispenses oxo-biodegradable pet waste bags and then stores the pet waste in an environmentally conscious way while managing odors. PawPail's patented design controls odors in two ways: using an activated carbon air filter to trap harmful chemicals and patented DualVentâ„¢ technology to facilitate air flow through the container.

Sustainability was a key consideration of PawPail's design. It has a reusable inner basket that eliminates the need for liner garbage bags that most waste cans require, potentially removing countless tons of plastic waste from landfills every year.

Click the image to purchase your PawPail.

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